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Satin String Lucky Bracelet/Anklet (27 colors)

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    These simple string bracelets/anklets are available in 27 different colors and are perfect for everyday wear. The minimalist style will look good with any outfits. They are made of 2mm satin nylon cord. They're thin, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. You won't even notice you are wearing one.


    These bracelets/anklets are adjustable with sliding knots.

    Bracelets (single and double string) fit most wrists (5.5" - 8.5")
    Double string bracelets fits 5.5" and larger wrists
    Anklets fit 8.5" - 10.5" ankles


    Feng Shui meaning

    Choose red string bracelet/anklet for protection and good luck. Red string bracelets or anklets are very popular in Asia. In Feng Shui, red thread is often used as an "amulet" as it is closely related to spiritual matters. It carries in itself positive energy, dispels evil gas and brings good luck. Using red string is a way to protect yourself from damaging curses. Carrying a red thread also helps you attract others, so it is conceived to help open the road of love.

    How to wear red string bracelet/anklet correctly?

    In Feng Shui, there is a saying "men and women, left and right respectively", so we your can wear your red string bracelet/anklet according to this rule in order to bring the best luck: Men will wear them on their wrists or ankles and women will wear them on their right. However, if wearing the rule above makes you uncomfortable, you can also change it to suit yourself.