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Natural Translucent White + Faint Green Jadeite Jade Pumpkin Bead String Bracelet

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  • Bracelet size: adjustable
  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: white + faint green
  • Transparency: translucent
  • Bead shape: round
  • Bead size: 9.5-10mm
  • Treatment: natural, untreated
  • Cord material: 0.8mm nylon

This simple jadeite bead string bracelet is delicate, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. You won't even notice you are wearing it but will always be there with you.

If you'd like to wear this bracelet as an anklet, choose Medium size (8"-10.5"). Please feel free to contact me at for custom orders or if you have any questions.

The pumpkin is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. In ancient China, housewives used to carve out pumpkins or pumpkin vessels and store certain objects to attract wealth and prosperity. Nowadays, many Feng Shui practitioners use pumpkins or pumpkin-shaped objects as lucky charms to attract wealth luck.

Choose your desired cord color from the drop-down menu or choose "Custom" and enter your chosen cord color code in the note section. Please refer to the last photo for available cord color codes.

If you're looking for a protection and good luck bracelet, choose red color. Red string bracelets or anklets are very popular in Asia. In Feng Shui, red thread is often used as an "amulet" as it is closely related to spiritual matters. It carries in itself positive energy, dispels evil gas and brings good luck. Using red string is a way to protect yourself from damaging curses. Carrying a red thread also helps you attract others, so it is conceived to help open the road of love.

Please note, jadeite jade is natural gemstone so each jadeite bead is unique in its own way, no two pieces are alike.