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Natural Translucent Bi-Color Jadeite Long Cylinder & Button Beads Bracelet

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  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: white + faint green + bluish green or red or yellowish green
  • Transparency: translucent to opaque
  • Bead shapes: long cylinder, button
  • Bead size: 5.5-6mm
  • Treatment: natural, untreated
  • Cord material: elastic cord

Our bead bracelets are made of 100% natural jadeite jade and never dyed or color-treated. Each bead has their own unique color pattern and inclusions, telling a story of centuries spent under the earth.


Sizing guide

Please choose bracelet length from the drop down menu. If you are not sure what your size is, please measure your wrist snugly. To get an accurate wrist measurement, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist where it bends, then add 0.5"-1" to order the correct size in this style bracelet (add 0.5" for a comfortable fit and 1" for a loose fit).