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Natural Icy Moss In Snow Jadeite Grapes Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold

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  • Metal: 14K yellow gold
  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: imperial green + snowy white
  • Transparency: highly translucent
  • Shape: grapes
  • Pendant height (including bail): 37.60mm
  • Measurements: 28.25mm H x 21.06mm W x 5.48mm T
  • Weight: 5.15g
  • Treatment: natural color, not enhanced
  • Layaway available for this item

This beautifully carved jadeite pendant features a bunch of grapes. Grapes are a very auspicious symbol. In Fengshui, grapes symbolize the abundance of food, meaning an abundance of material wealth. A big bunch of grapes implies that the person who owns it will profit a lot with a small amount of capital invested. Thus, grapes came to represent success and abundance coming to one in the near future, or always being in one's family. They are also used as a cure for fertility and for turning bad luck into good luck.

The jade has a gorgeous color pattern and a stunning translucency. The color of the jade is a combination of snowy white and imperial green. The jade is absolutely flawless! There is no cracks, chips or stone lines.  This pendant will make a great investment as the market price of natural jadeite and precious metal increase overtime.