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Natural Icy Green Jadeite Donut Pendant in 14K White Gold

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  • Metal: 14K white gold
  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: light green + vivid green + faint gray
  • Transparency: highly translucent
  • Shape: donut
  • Diameter: 27.50mm
  • Thickness: 4.90mm
  • Treatment: natural color, not enhanced
  • Layaway available for this item

This beautiful pendant is made of 100% natural jadeite jade and has never been treated or dyed. The jade is carefully hand carved into a donut shape. This pendant is truly one of a kind. It has an icy light green background with very faint gray patches and beautiful vivid green veins floating across the stone. The surface of this piece is very smooth and highly polished.

Wearing a jade donut pendant is believed to bring you good fortune and good luck. This pendant will make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection or a great gift for your loved one.