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Lavender Freshwater Button Pearl Necklace, 7.25-7.75mm

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  • Gemstones: freshwater pearls
  • Pearl body color: lavender
  • Pearl shape: button
  • Pearl size: 7.25-7.75mm
  • Pearl luster: excellent
  • Pearl surface: clean
  • Treatment: natural, untreated
  • Clasp type: magnetic ball clasp
  • Clasp material: stainless steel, rhinestones

Lavender pearls are simply stunning. This gorgeous pearl necklace features 6.5-7.0mm button shaped freshwater pearls in a natural lavender body colors. These pearls are very smooth and luminous. There are very slight pin pricks which are not noticeable from conversation distances. The growth lines on the surface of the pearls are not inclusions. They are natural growth characteristics that make the pearls unique. Pearls are one of a kind, no two pearls are the same!

Each pearl is individually hand knotted on a silk blend cord. A stainless steel magnetic ball clasp with rhinestone accents. holding the piece together, is perfect for everyday easy wear and removal.