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Natural Mottled Green Jadeite Double Sided Wealth Bag Pendant in 14K White Gold

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  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: light green + vivid green + deep green
  • Transparency: translucent
  • Shape: money bags (double-sided carved)
  • Pendant height: 39.80mm
  • Pendant width: 25.22mm
  • Pendant thickness: 5.15mm
  • Treatment: natural color, untreated
  • Layaway available for this item

This beautiful jadeite pendant has beautiful vibrant green and deep green patches and veins floating across the translucent light green background. The double-sided carving features two money bags stacked on top of one another with three money coins in the middle and a leaf accent on top of the money bag. Money bags and coins symbolize unending fortune, prosperity and success. Two money bags mean double the wealth. It is believed that money bag and coin pendants can help attract wealth luck while at the same time avert a monetary loss.

This jadeite piece is a good size for a unisex statement necklace. It will make a meaningful gift for birthday, anniversary, Valentines, Father's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas, etc.