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Floating Tahitian Pearl Necklace in Italian 18K White Gold, 10.8mm

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  • Metal: Italian 18K white gold
  • Gemstone: Tahitian pearl
  • Pearl body color: black with blue overtone
  • Pearl shape: round
  • Pearl size: 10.80mm
  • Pearl luster: excellent
  • Pearl surface: clean
  • Necklace chain: box, length: 18.25 inches, thickness: 0.5mm

A lustrous black pearl is suspended along a classic 18K Italian white gold chain that offers a modern twist on a classic pearl solitaire pendant. Perfect for wearing alone or layering it with other pieces.

This natural black Tahitian pearl is hand-selected for its mirror-like luster, exotic color and flawless surface. The color of this pearl is black with blue overtone. This pearl exhibits very minimal blemishing which is positioned near the drill hole and cannot be seen from conversation-distances. Since the inclusion is very minor and does not affect the beauty of the pearl, it is considered to be clean in general.