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50.39mm Translucent Moss In Snow Jadeite Round Bangle

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  • Gemstone: natural Jadeite Jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Bangle shape: round
  • Inner diameter: 50.39mm
  • Outer diameter: 66.21mm
  • Width: 8.53mm
  • Weight: 156.71cts
  • Color: white + vivid green + honey yellow
  • Transparency: translucent
  • Texture: fine
  • Treatment: natural color
  • Layaway available for this item

This all-time-favorite moss-in-snow jadeite bangle is carefully carved from a piece of beautiful old mine jadeite stone. This type of jadeite is a rare and beautiful form of jade that is highly valued by collectors. This bangle has a very nice translucency. It has an icy snowy white backdrop with very vibrant green patches and streaks and a russet (beige) patch. The color of this piece is 100% natural.

Please note: There is a russet internal stone line that goes up and down the width of the bangle. The stone line cannot be felt with fingers and it does not affect the durability of the jadeite. It can only be seen upon up-close inspection under magnification. Price has already been significantly reduced due to the inclusion.

This bangle has perfectly round shape with round inner and round outer. Simple yet classic! This jadeite bangle can be dressed up or down easily. It will also make a great birthday, anniversary or Mother's Day gift.