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Golden South Sea Mother of Pearl/shell pearl necklace (12mm)

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  • Gemstones: Mother of Pearls/shell pearls
  • Shell pearl shape: round
  • Shell pearl color: golden
  • Shell pearl size: 12mm
  • Clasp: stainless steel and rhinestones magnetic ball clasp

This "South Sea" Mother of Pearl necklace is a steal of a deal! It features large and lustrous shell pearls that mimic the look of the most expensive and valuable pearls - golden South Sea pearls.

Each pearl is individually hand-knotted on a silk blend cord, and finished with a stainless steel and rhinestones magnetic ball clasp for easy everyday wear and removal.

Your new pearl necklace arrives in a jewelry gift box, perfect for safe keeping and gift giving.


About the gemstones

Shell pearls are made from the inner lining of oyster shells, also known as Mother of Pearl. The substance is ground to a fine powder, shaped, dyed and coated with natural pearl nacre and then a protective coating to give it lustre. Many pearl lovers all over the world like buying shell pearls for their affordable price, awesome quality and the possibility of controlling its shape and color. The manual production of the shell pearl enables the manufacturer to determine the shape, size and color of the pearls, thus making the final result seem perfect. In addition, shell pearls will always keep their color and shine,and will not be affected by sweat, perfume or detergents. Indeed, they are more durable than saltwater cultured and freshwater pearls. The quality of the shell pearl is greatly determined by the quality of the sea shell from which it is made.