Size Guide



  1. Measure your wrist snugly using a measuring tape
  2. Use the following chart to determine your bracelet size
Wrist measurement Bracelet size Bracelet size
Smaller than 6" 6.5" XS
6" - 6.5" 7" S
6.5" - 7" 7.5" M
7" - 7.5" 8" L
7.5" - 8" 8.5" XL
8" - 8.5" 9" XXL

Gift buyers: An average woman's bracelet size is 7", a man is 7.5" or 8". More petite or larger wrists will usually need a half inch smaller or larger.



When figuring out your bangle size, please keep in mind that getting the bangle over your hand is the key factor. It's not your wrist size, but your hand size that matters. We recommend trying at least 3 of the following methods before purchasing one of our bangles.

Method 1: Measure your hand width

You will need a digital caliper or a pen and a ruler for this method

  1. Measure your hand width using a digital caliper as shown in the following picture
  2. Use the chart in method 2 to determine your bangle size


    Method 2: Measure your hand circumference

    You will need a measuring tape or a thread and a ruler for this method.

    1. Bring your thumb and your pinky finger together, try to make your hand as small as possible
    2. Take a measuring tape or a string and wrap it around the widest part of your hand
    3. Mark where the string meets with your fingers or a pen (for accuracy)
    4. Remove the string from your hand and lay if flat over a ruler, measure the length of the string
    5. Use the following chart to determine your bangle size
     Max width Max circumference Bangle size
    60-64mm 16-17cm 50-52mm
    64-68mm 17-18cm 52-54mm
    68-72mm 18-19cm 54-56mm
    72-76mm 19-20cm 56-58mm
    76-80mm 20-21cm 58-60mm
    80-82mm 21-22cm 60-62mm
    82-84mm 22-23cm 62-64mm

    Method 3: Dot method

    You will need a pen and a ruler or a measuring tape for this method

    1. Clench your fist so your knuckles are whitened
    2. Feel to where the middle if your knuckles is and mark a dot in the middle of your pinky knuckle and your index finger knuckle
    3. Lay your hand flat and relaxed. Measure the distance between the two dots using a ruler or measuring tape.
    4. The distance between the two dots determine what bangle size you should wear. For example, if the distance from either dots measures approximately 55mm, you should wear a 55mm bangle


    Method 4: Measure the bangle that you already own

    You will need a ruler or a digital caliper for this method

    1. Take your favorite jade bangle that fits you comfortably
    2. Measure within the inside of the bangle from one point across to another point using a ruler or a digital caliper. We highly recommend using a digital caliper for this method as it is the most accurate way to measure the inner diameter of your bangle
    3. The inner diameter of the bangle is your bangle size



     Method 1: Measure an existing ring

    1. Take a ring that properly fits the intended finger.
    2.  Measure the internal diameter of the ring in millimetres.
    3. Use the chart below to determine your ring size.  

    Internal diameter (mm)

    Ring size Internal diamter (mm) Ring size
    14.1 3 18.5 8.5
    14.5 3.5 19 9
    14.9 4 19.4 9.5
    15.3 4.5 19.8 10
    15.7 5 20.2 10.5
    16.1 5.5 20.6 11
    16.5 6 21 11.5
    16.9 6.5 21.4 12
    17.3 7 21.8 12.5
    17.7 7.5 22.2 13
    18.1 8 22.6 13.5


    Method 2: Measure you finger

    1. Wrap a strip of paper or a non-stretchy string around at the base of the finger where you'd like the ring to be. If you use a strip of paper, make sure that it is not too wide.
    2. If you are using paper, make sure the strip is pulled snugly to your finger, the tighter the better, to find your best fit.
    3. Mark the spot where the paper or the string meets and measure the distance with a ruler in millimetres.
    4. Use the size chart below to determine your ring size.
    Circumference (mm) Ring size Circumference (mm) Ring size
    44.1 3 58.2 8.5
    45.4 3.5 59.4 9
    46.7 4 60.7 9.5
    48 4.5 62 10
    49.2 5 63.3 10.5
    50.5 5.5 64.5 11
    51.8 6 65.8 11.5
    53.1 6.5 67.1 12
    54.3 7 68.3 12.5
    55.6 7.5 69.6 13
    56.9 8 71.0 13.5
    • Measure your fingers at the end of the day when they are at their largest
    • Cold weather can shrink your fingers up to half a size, so make sure they are warm
    • Your left and right hands may be different sizes so be sure to measure the finger the ring will be worn on most
    • For the most accuracy, have someone help you measure.
    • Double check sizing for accuracy
    • If you measurement falls between two sizes, order the larger size. For example, if you are between 8.5 and 9, size 9 will be your best fit.


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